Reached Green Shirt status in the 2022 Hot Button Ranking Report

TOPICS | 2023.03.1

 Soalon™  triacetate fiber has achieved green shirt status by winning 23 buttons in the 2022 Hot Button Ranking (The Hot Button Report) published by Canopy*1, a Canadian forest protection NGO. (Click here for more details)

 Since FY2020, we have been working with "Canopy" and our raw material supplier Daicel Corporation*2 to ensure the sustainability of the forests from which we procure pulp, the raw material for Soalon, and to reduce the risk of deforestation. In December 2008, Soalon received an audit by the third-party auditing organization "Preferred by Nature" at its own mill (click here for details), and in September last year, it asked Daicel Corporation's cellulose acetate manufacturing plant to cooperate in the audit.
 After obtaining FSC®-CoC certification to ensure the safety of wood pulp, we have been working to achieve sustainability of raw material sources by expanding the chain of custody (chain of custody, which refers to the processing and distribution processes) to the downstream supply chain, such as the weaving and dyeing processes.
 Unlike many recycled cellulose fiber manufacturers, we do not directly procure wood pulp. Therefore, since last year, we have been continuously working on self-assessment and management in accordance with Canopy guidelines in cooperation with suppliers involved in (pulp) procurement, aiming to improve transparency and confirm safety of forest risks originating from raw materials. The achievement of the Green Shirt Status this time is the result of these activities being evaluated.
 We will continue to practice forest due diligence in line with the Canopy concept, such as ensuring transparency in raw material procurement and improving traceability of origin sources, as well as considering human rights of stakeholders including indigenous peoples, local community rights, ecosystem conservation, GHG reduction, etc., and will focus on actively encouraging forest management companies and pulp and paper manufacturers through initiatives with raw material suppliers. In addition, we will seek alternative raw materials that can avoid forest risks, aiming to further enhance our status.
 By working to reduce the environmental impact of our extensive value chain, from raw material procurement to textile product manufacturing, we are committed to providing peace of mind to our customers through our materials.

*Note 1: Canopy is an international NGO that works with more than 750 companies to build sustainable supply chains and implement cutting-edge environmental policies to protect ancient and endangered forests.
*Note 2: Our Company procures cellulose acetate, the raw material for Soalon, from Daicel Corporation.The company produces cellulose acetate from pulp derived from forest wood.
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