Acquisition of 55% Biomass Mark

TOPICS | 2022.10.24

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the 55% biomass mark for our triacetate fiber Soalon as the result of reviewing its biomass-derived constituent ratio to reflect, for example, the changes in the product mix after revision and abolition of products.

What is Biomass Mark...

The Biomass Mark certifies products made from biological resources (biomass) that conform to relevant laws, regulations, standards, and specifications in terms of quality and safety. Since plants grow by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis using sunlight as energy, products made from biomass such as plants do not affect the increase or decrease of CO2 even if they are burned (carbon neutral). Therefore, it can be said that they do not increase greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Products certified with the biomass mark are safe, contribute to the formation of a recycling-oriented society, and help prevent global warming.

Source: Database of Environmental Labels, etc. _Biomass Mark - Ministry of the Environment
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