Soalon™ Sustainable Program Update

TOPICS | 2022.05.31

In the face of environmental issues, we have always been asking ourselves, "What can we do with Soalon™ ? “and working on improving them.
Our initiative, " Soalon™ Sustainable Program," which started two years ago, is entering a new phase. More than ever, “we want to think about what we can do now for a better future”. This is our unchanging desire.

Program Outline
Phase 1; (started in Sept. ‘20)
In Phase 1, we launched a system to grade and classify the environmental superiority of each Soalon™ textile product by scoring and evaluating the environmental load level of each production process based on the number of processes, water resource efficiency, and other factors. By evaluating each textile production process, the points to be improved and focused on as issues are further clarified.
In addition, when you select materials, you can evaluate not only the conventional "texture" perspective, such as hand-feeling and hues, but also the "environmental load" one, such as classes and grades.

Phase 2; (started in Oct. ‘21)
In Phase 2, we created an algorithm*b that can simulate the usage amount of the process resources (thread type composition, electricity, fuel, etc.) different from each Soalon™ textile product number under standard conditions*a. (calculation method)
This enables us to estimate GHG emissions up to the dyeing process for each product number. Since the load of each process and its improvement effect can also be quantitatively grasped, the efforts to reduce the environmental loads can be expected to be more effective.
※a We assume standard production conditions such as proper lots.
※b The algorithm is designed to make an estimate under the standard conditions based on actual production values.

(reference comparison)

Features of “Soalon™ Sustainable Program”
・This is a unique system that visualizes the environmental load level for each textile product ahead of the industry. ・Prototypes as well as existing products can and it is possible to design more environmentally friendly textiles not only in the process plan for efficient improvement but also in the product development.
・By visualizing the GHG load as Soalon™ Sustainable Program Calculated Value, we can share with you more specifically the degree of environmental burden of each item and points to be improved.

For each product we sell, we, by ourselves, diligently consider the textile design to meet your needs, make it up, and thoroughly control the quality and production.
"We can reflect our will from yarn to dyed textiles." This is our greatest strength, and, at the same time, it is our heavy responsibility to improve its sustainability.
That is why we launched the " Soalon™ Sustainable Program " and are working to reduce our environmental load.
We will continue to work with all of our partners to enhance the sustainable value of " Soalon™" without stopping the pace of improvement. To envision a sustainable future for people through our textiles.