The audit report of Canopy

TOPICS | 2023.06.30

In December 2020, we initiated an in-house audit in cooperation with Canopy, a forest protection NGO, and Preferred by Nature, a third-party auditing organization, and later, in September 2022, with the cooperation of Daicel, our raw material supplier, we completed an audit of the manufacturing plant of raw materials for Soalon.
We are pleased to announce the updated results of the audit as follows
Canopy has collaborated with more than 750 companies to develop cutting-edge environmental policies that transform unsustainable supply chains, spark innovative solutions, and protect the world’s remaining Ancient and Endangered Forests.

We are looking forward to working on addressing the recommendations pointed out in our CanopyStyle Audit. Mitsubishi Chemical has committed to eliminating Ancient and Endangered Forests from our production, and to advocating for forest protection globally.

CanopyStyle Audit Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Media Release August 2021 for review(2023 June updated)