Soalon and Lynda acetate yarns received bluesign® certification

TOPICS | 2020.04.2

Mitsubishi Chemical’s triacetate yarn Soalon and diacetate yarn Lynda have received bluesign® certification, which is given to products in the textile industry that have passed along a sustainable supply chain in terms of environmental conservation, workers and consumers.

bluesign® is a certification system managed by Swiss-based bluesign technologies ag.
One of the most rigorous certification systems in the textile industry, it aims to eliminate all substances deemed harmful to people’s health and the environment from the materials used at each textile product production stage, including yarns, dyes and additives, and fabrics.
This certification was awarded in recognition of the sustainability of our Soalon and Lynda yarns and their excellent safety and reliability as a fabric material for environmental conservation, and friendly to both workers and consumers.