What is Soalon?

A unique fiber made only by Mitsubishi Chemical.

Triacetate is a semi-synthetic fiber combining the merits of a plant-based material
made from natural pulp with the merits of synthetic fibers made from a chemical-based material.
The fiber’s product name is Soalon.
Made only by Mitsubishi Chemical, Soalon has gained an excellent reputation worldwide.

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Soalon’s functionality, born from the power of nature and the power of chemistry.
Fast Drying
Although it is more moisture-absorbent than synthetic fibers, absorbed sweat and moisture are rapidly diffused through random gaps in the yarn surface, enabling fast drying.It therefore dries quickly after washing, too.

Balanced moisture absorption

It has a lower moisture absorption rate than cotton, which absorbs water well, but a higher moisture absorption rate than polyester, which hardly absorbs any water.This level of moisture absorption provides optimal wearing comfort.

Quick drying property (diffusibility-moisture retention ratio)

Soalon also has excellent moisture diffusibility due to random gaps in the fiber surface.


Soalon holds a moderate amount of moisture.When it touches your skin and its moisture evaporates, vaporization heat is dissipated which produces a cooling sensation.The fibers themselves are also cooled, so the clothes become cool inside.

Cooling property

Heat and humidity are rapidly dissipated, removing vaporization heat.This is very different compared with cotton or polyester which tend to trap heat, so clothes always kept comfortable inside even when exercising.


Soalon fabric does not swell or shrink much when it gets wet, which means it can be washed at home.It does not wrinkle easily when worn or washed, making it very easy to care for.


The main material of the fibers is natural pulp, yet applying heat creates beautiful pleats which are easy to keep even after repeated washing.It also retains the center crease in men’s pants very well.


The diffuse reflection of light due to random gaps in the yarn surface produces a rich, luxurious gloss feel.Beautiful colors are also achieved by the effect of light shining through and imbuing the transparent yarn.

Optical refractive index

Its refractive index is significantly lower than that of fibers typically used in clothing such as silk, polyester, etc.Its small refractive index produces a vibrant chromogenic quality.

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Soalon can be given a soft texture, a slub finish, a satin finish, etc. depending on what yarns are combined or how the material is made.


Bulging, soft, double-weave material


Natural-looking slub-style material produced by a specialized false-twist process.


Satin-like material with a natural, elegant gloss.

Case Study

From women’s clothing to formal wear and men’s casual pants and jackets, Soalon is used in a wide variety of clothing designs.